Melanin-Loving Skincare


Melanin-loving formulations, made for every shade of beautiful

From the lightest bronze to the deepest skin tones - Melanin is the naturally occurring pigment underneath our lovely hues.
Present in varying proportions, Melanin is what gives our skin richness and depth - the more Melanin our skin has, the deeper it is.

The cells that play the main role in this skin pigmentation are melanocytes. They are well known for their ability to produce and distribute Melanin in our skin.

Weaving magic under our skin, Melanin is a natural defence system built into skins of people living in hotter climates, that protects us against the sun's more damaging rays.

Melanin-Rich Skin:

Unique. Powerful. Magical.


Melanin acts as an antioxidant, shielding our skin by scavenging for harmful radicals produced by environmental stressors.

Melanin guards the genetic material stored in our cells to slow down the signs of ageing skin like fine lines and wrinkles.

Melanin protects our skin by absorbing the light from UV rays and redistributing it toward the upper layers of skin and keeping out harmful rays.

Asaya understands that the Melanin content in Indian skin makes it unique and that it needs special caring for. We’ve formulated melanin-first skincare grounded in science and nature.

Asaya is crafted by experts. Our team of cosmetic chemists and dermatologists, who specialise in melanin-rich skin, guide the R&D and product development from the ground up.

The products are rigorously tested for efficacy and tolerance on a wide spectrum of skin tones to ensure they meet the functional and sensorial requirements of our skin tones.

Here’s to
celebrating the
magnificence of our Melanin.

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